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Rank Higher, Convert More with Legacy Brand and Adwords

Rank Higher, Convert More

Drive More Leads and Revenue from PPC Campaigns with Dedicated Landing Pages

Stop sending traffic to generic,
low-converting web pages.

With Legacy Brand, you can quickly build mobile responsive landing pages for any campaign — no coding required. Convert more prospects with relevant landing pages and lower your cost-per-acquisition.

Elijah Gravely

Model, Affiliate Marketing

“Legacy Brand helps us keep PPC clients longer.”

Build Mobile-Responsive Landing Pages
Without Code

Drag and Drop Builder

Use the Legacy Page Builder to design and publish on-brand landing pages for your clients, with complete control over each and every element.

100+ Responsive Templates

​Start with a mobile-responsive template and easily swap out the images, colors and copy to perfectly match your brand.

Deborah Muzak 


“All our designers have found Legacy Brand easy to work with. Our current designer loves how it’s laid out — the interface is really intuitive and she likes the guides that help her along.”

How Legacy Brand Helps You Optimize the
Entire PPC Campaign Funnel

Better Page Performance

Faster pages = higher AdWords Quality Score. Legacy Brand landing pages are served from the top data centers, with a content delivery network (CDN) ensuring most pages load super fast.

Better User Experience

Legacy Brand makes it painless to create responsive landing pages for every PPC campaign you run, without changing your main website. Never let a mediocre post-click experience cost you conversions again.

More Relevant Messaging

With Legacy Page Builders Dynamic Text Replacement (also known as dynamic keyword insertion or DKI), you can automatically change your landing page's copy based on the ad clicked. Great for increasing relevance without creating multiple pages.

Built-In A/B Testing

Legacy Brand lets you easily duplicate your page, modify it and split traffic across the two variants to find the highest-converting “champion.”

Jacob Myers

Digital Marketing

“With Legacy Brand Building, we were able to test all the way up to 20-22% conversion rates. Without driving any more traffic, the client’s getting four times the leads that he was getting prior.”

Meet Your PPC Potential

Legacy Brand Building Plans Start at $15 per Month